Independent – PS5 Live Blogging


Asda restocked the PS5 this morning, offering the disc version for home delivery at £449.99. All stock was sold out in minutes,…

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Android Police – What is GrapheneOS and how does it improve privacy and security?


An overview of this private and secure mobile operating system. Several steps can be taken to enhance privacy and security on Android…

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Wired – Idleness As An Earning Strategy


Getting paid for doing nothing? Seems like crypto has finally delivered a future we can all get behind. But yes, there’s…

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The Sun – HTC Vive Pro 2 review: premium VR, premium price


WE tested the HTC Vive Pro 2 for two weeks and we reckon that, despite its hefty price, it is one…

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Ori Games
GameSpew – The Ori Games are Too Beautiful to be Difficult: A Discussion About Game Design


I discovered Ori and the Blind Forest in a difficult time of my life. It was before the pandemic, which puts…

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